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What is a Shaman? What is shamanism?

Most dictionaries define "Shaman" and "shamanism" using words like "magic", "religious", "voodoo", "sorcery", and even "witchcraft". In reality, the only people who would use such words are those with absolutely no understanding about shamanism, or about the nature of the healing process. Shamanism is in no way associated with any religion or with any pegan ritual activity. A more realistic definition of "Shaman" would be: "A person born with the gift and purpose of performing spiritual/energy healing work." And a more realistic definition of "shamanism" would be: "Any work performed by a Shaman with a healing intent." Shamanism is a spiritual form of energy work. It can be performed with the hands on or off the body, and even from across a distance.

How I practice: Personally, I prefer a hands-on approach, as I have found that skin-to-skin contact facilitates my connection with the aura of the person being treated. While my hands are touching my clients, I also provide other therapeutic work. If you enjoy massage, I can provide you with the most basic relaxation Swedish-style massage to the more advanced forms of physical therapy-like deep tissue work. I have also been personally trained by John F. Barnes in the John F. Barnes MyoFascial Release approach. I have found that this amazing and holistic healing work facilitates my shamanic work better than any other form of manual therapy, and I recommend it for every person on the planet. However, my philosophy is: "It's your treatment, you can have it the way you want it" and you have lots of options available to you.

Why Choose Transformations Wellness?

  • all services provided by a Shaman
  • up to 25% member discounts on ALL services, including therapeutic laser treatments, ultrasonic fat removal and already-discounted packages.
  • full-length appointments - I don't take time out of your treatment for dressing and undressing. For each 1-hour appointment you schedule, you'll receive 60-minutes of treatment (providing that you arrive on time and ready to start).
  • same therapist at each visit, resulting in personalized treatments based on a consistent relationship with a single therapist who knows what your body needs and responds to almost as well as you do.
  • complimentary refreshments
  • evening & weekend appointment times and occasional early mornings
  • customized services with a wide range of treatment modalities
  • mindfulness and attention to detail: I don't just go through the motions. With each and every stroke of your massage treatments, I am assessing your body and searching for tension and imbalances in need of attention, and will focus extra time and attention to those areas.
"Chahna goes the extra mile to make sure that you receive the services you want and need and that you leave a happy customer. The environment is tranquil and invites relaxation as soon as you walk through the door. In my opinion, she is the best massage provider in Cheyenne!" ~ Kirbie Brown, Cheyenne, Wyoming

"...Transformations has everything you could want: Knowledge and experience, a facility that is comforting and clean, a multitude of procedures depending on your needs and wants, and it just keeps getting better... The knowledge and attitude of the owner is very impressive. Chahna is professional, yet warm and very likable. You immediately feel she is there to help you and make you better..."
~ Teresa, Cheyenne, WY

"After spending years searching for the perfect massage therapist, I happened upon an advertisement for a weight loss method that I had never seen before; Ultrasound Cavitation. I sent an email to Chahna and she promptly responded, answering my numerous questions about the procedure. Upon arrival, I was greeted warmly and Chahna walked me through the entire process. Before, during and after my initial appointment, Chahna continued to be attentive to my progress and needs... I continue to see Chahna on a regular basis for massage and spa services as a proud member of her monthly membership club! With all the perks and discounts that this program offers, it is obvious that Transformations Wellness cares for its customers and is aimed at keeping us all happier and healthier through the power of massage therapy and relaxing spa services. The prices at Transformations Wellness are affordable, the services above and beyond anything I have received anywhere else in Cheyenne, and the friendly manner of Chahna keeps me coming back month after month!"
~ Misty Nicole Thiel, Cheyenne, WY

There is No Such Thing As Disease!
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24 hours notice is appreciated for schedule changes.
All package sales are final - no refunds for unused portion of any package.
Please - no children unless they are receiving a service!

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